User interface

Improve performance with high system usability and intuitive design

The User Interface (UI) of the solution has user friendly and modern design, which simplifies the user interaction with solution commands and allows users to shorten the learning curves and adaptation time to new system layout.

Solution’s forms and modules have standard layout and application working rules in order to support scalable implementation of additional modules and new functionalities, with structure that provides easy navigation and intuitive flow throughout the forms.

The information on the menu is presented in logical order with comprehensive module and feature hierarchy, from left to right and option for dynamic adaptation on user interface, on user level.

The Integrated Task and Messaging feature is available on the user toolbar, streamlining the data transfer with option availability at any point of the process workflow. The tool bar contains additional quick access buttons to the most frequently used options including opening new records, editing records, deleting records, customizing and saving report layout with filters, column result grouping and graphical data representation, and possibility for adding additional tool bar buttons.

Key Features

  • Intuitive Component LayoutStreamline the process of identifying relevant data and workflow rules, in a logical action flow that eliminates risks of manual errors and provides options for navigation through forms.

  • Consistent Design StandardsImprove user productivity and optimize adaptation time, with integrated form recognition tips, consistent design and simplified commands rules, all of which follow common principles that help users perform efficiently daily operations.

  • Customizable User InterfaceAdapt the layout of frequently used reports for analytics and personalize available quick buttons for more comfortable use of solution options and concise navigation on the menu.

clients say
  • "ASPEKT’s leasing system is a very convenient system with automated validations that limit any possibility for manual errors and now my daily operations are highly simplified as I don’t have to worry about making mistakes in calculations or assigning assets that are not available." - Lease Officer / Specialist
  • “Aspekt Leasing Software shows high performance in optimal infrastructure environment and I’m sure the system will be able to scale up without compromising the operational functions.” - System Administrator
  • "Aspekt Leasing Software offers direct performance preview, allowing me to analyze performance results per employee and manage the sales process so that all my employees are maximally effective and fully dedicated to work responsibilities." - Branch Manager
  • “We needed a system that is able to respond to the evolving regulatory environment, changing risk management procedures and addresses the ongoing operational costs with high control efficiency and we are happy to confirm that Aspekt Leasing Software delivers unlimited operational cost and risk benefits through our daily operations." - Risk Manager
  • "The use of Aspekt Leasing Software has greatly improved the process of servicing our customers. We are able to form sales policies that meet their expectations in continuity and deliver on-time and quality support.” - Operations Director
  • “At the end of the month I can conduct full financial review and generate reports for external reporting, as all the transactions are automatically posted and matched, and if there is a need for transactions correction, it can be automatically executed and the changes are presently visible in reports.” - Accounting Officer
  • “We can easily focus on improving the quality of our customer base and analyze the results received from sales when combining offer conditions that will best match the most profitable customer segment and create win-win situation for both parties.” - Operations Director
  • "From the beginning, Aspekt Leasing Software was successfully aligned with our growth strategy and helped us continually increase sales volumes and surpass predefined targets by offering endless flexibility and incorporation of changes." - CEO
  • “Generating invoices with automated operation eliminates the need for manual interventions and gives us more time to concentrate on analyzing financial results.” - Accounting Officer
  • "I’m able to control all internal processes directly from my office by spending minimal time for communication with colleagues and sharing thoughts on any kind of issues that may arise. " - Internal Audit