Type of implementation

ASPEKT is providing two types of implementation (Standard and Enterprise) in order to respond to different scope of client’s operations, from startup leasing companies with determined range of operations up to market leaders and large scale leasing companies with requests for high-level flexibility, scalability and time-to-market orientation.

Target groups



  • micro and small sized businesses

  • in the initial years of development

  • with several branches

  • medium sized and large scale businesses

  • well-established market presence and market leaders


The modules that are part of the Aspekt Leasing Software can be implemented with both, Standard and Enterprise implementation type, depending on client’s preferences.

The list of currently available modules within the implementation types is presented in addition:

Modules Standard Enterprise
Front Office Modules
Application Processing Module
Leasing Module
Collateral Management Module  
Credit Scoring Module  
CRM Module  
Back Office Modules
General Ledger Module
Fund Management  
Budgeting Module  
Fixed Assets Module
HR Module  
Payroll Module  
Purchase Module  
Sales Module  
Legal Module  
Optional Modules
Document Compliance Platform
Integrated Task and Messaging Platform
Dynamic Report Generator  
Dynamic Data Collector

Implementation Types

Both implementation types have specific advantages for the client but the main difference between them is that the Standard type consists of predefined business flow, ready for use by the client “AS IS”, without additional adaptation to client’s business processes, covering all regular operations of leasing companies compliant with the latest technological trends, whereas the Enterprise type offers complete adaptation according to client business processes and work policies and allows the client to be more flexible to industry and institutional changes.

In the table below the two implementation types are compared, in order to present the actual differences between the two types.

Product Options Standard Enterprise
Business Process Control
Predefined flow of activities based on best case practices of Aspekt Implementations in leasing companies  
Process Management System completely adaptable to client business policy and workflows to set up the system to lead the users through the subsequent actions  
Dynamic control of business processes, with ability to adapt the process flow from user interface  
Data Definition Option
Dynamic and ad-hock definition of data to be gathered, from user interface, with Dynamic Data Collector (DDC) implemented on every business entity within the process flow  
Dynamic definition of required documentation in specific steps and on different workflow stages  
Predefined data definition parameters on all business objects  
Classification of documentation during the process flow
Predefined lease processing status flow and status definition (new, down-payment received, repayment, matured, early matured, early prepaid, closed, terminated)  
Dynamic definition of lease processing status flow  
Dynamic approach of defining approval schemas  
Multi-user level approval based on predefined criteria  
Dynamic definition of lease application status flow based on organizational needs and corporate business process flows  
Predefined lease application status flow and status definition (new, sent for approval, rejected, approved)  
Product Policy Administration
Predefined definition of Product Policy parameters (min and max of product amount and interest rates, interest rate type calculation (flat, declining, balance), administration fees and product currency)  
Dynamic Product Policy Management from user interface, including definition of product limitation parameters, such as specification of product levels and level conditions, determination of employees, branches, customer types, leasing types, asset types, funders, etc. obtainable to use the product and creditworthiness parameters gathered per product  
Dynamic specification of calculations and formulas per Leasing Product  
Dynamic specification of Product limits and exclusions  
Dynamic definition of Credit Scoring parameters  
Dynamic platform for defining Credit Score Cards  
Answer’s validations on Credit Score Cards (mandatory fields, default values, list of values)  
Integration of calculation procedures directly on Credit Score Cards Definition  
Creditworthiness Analysis
Customer’s creditworthiness analysis on lease application level based on predefined parameters for Financial Analysis (Incomes, Expenses, Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Family Incomes etc.)  
Automatic loading of customer’s financial information currently in the system, on application form (possibility to analyze the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow of the customer and generate report for sustainability per lease application, and possibility to ad calculation mechanisms for performing financial analyzes  
Option for uploading Spreadsheet Templates and data mapping (to map the questions/parameters with the spreadsheet sheets/cells), used for financial analyzes on application level and in Credit Scoring analyzes  
Back Office Processing
Integrated General Ledger and automatic processing of transactions
Dynamic control of entire accounting process  
Dynamic adaptation of payments matching order, based on client preferences  
Predefined posting schemas  
Automatic maturity of installments in night procedures
Automatic closing of lease agreements under predefined conditions  
Automatic closing of lease agreements under client specific conditions  
Manual transaction booking through Bank Statements with predefined input parameters (bank account, date, currency, start balance, end balance)  
Manual transaction booking through Bank Statements with client specific input parameters  
Automatic and manual close of period, after which the system locks the transaction postings in closed period
Dynamic status definition on Bank Statements, based on client preferences  
Predefined status definition on Bank Statements (new, post in General Ledger)  
Templates for entering from Bank Statement and Lease Agreement with client specific input parameters  
Templates for entering from Bank Statement and Lease Agreement with predefined input parameters  
Entrance of exchange currency rates on a daily level with option for storing historic data for every last day  
Advanced features
Preview based method and dynamically defined input parameters for automatic adjustment of agreement’s repayment plan, automatic transaction posting based on predefined activity to restructure and automatic creation of agreement history  
Preview based method and predefined input parameters for automatic adjustment of agreement’s and repayment plan, automatic transaction posting based on predefined activity to restructure and automatic creation of agreement history  
Restructuring of Lease Agreements
Early maturity
Early restructuring
Rollback activities (Agreement Activation , Payments, etc)
Reporting System
Dynamic Report Generator (DRG) for ad-hock report definition in addition to the core report views  
Predefined report views (report filters and columns) containing all standard reports for accurate portfolio analyzes with possibility for regrouping, saving and excluding column views  
Lease Application Reports (Lease Application Periodic Report)  
Periodic Reports (Agreement Repayment, Past Due Repayments, Restructured Agreements, Terminated Agreements, Installment Maturity on Agreements, Activated Lease Report, Lease Maturity Report, Payment Maturity Report, Restructured Lease Report, Early Repaid Lease Report, Early Matured Lease Report, Lease Repayment Report, Delinquency Lease Repayment Report)  
Cumulative Reports (Current Installment, Agreement Balances, Statistical Leasing Report, Past Due Agreements , Balances – Portfolio Report, Delinquency Lease – Portfolio Report, Portfolio Analyses Report)  
Financial Reports (Analytic Report, Transaction Log Report, Trial Balance Report, Income Statement Report, Balance Sheet Report, Receivables / Payables Report, Bank Statement Report)  
Internal Communication & Exchange Option
Option for internal exchange of messages and tasks, incorporated directly on all business objects with automatic refreshing of dashboard system on dynamically adaptable timeframe  
Option for internal exchange of messages and tasks on predefined business objects, with automatic refreshing of dashboard system on 3 minutes timeframe  
Option for silent messages, adjusted as back operations to automatically generate predefined reports and attach them directly in messages and be sent (via e-mail, system notification) to correspondent user or group of users  
Predefined message input parameters (subject, message, priority)
Predefined message status (new, sent, read, unread)
Predefined message action (view, new, send, mark as read, mark all as read, add reminder, delete reminder, reply, reply to all)
Predefined task input parameters (date, due date, task group, description, priority)
Predefined task status (active, in progress, finished, cancelled, reminder (date/time))
Documentation import/export option
Integrated Document Compliance Platform applied on all business objects with option for upload and classification of different types of documents (pictures, word, excel, txt, pdf, etc.), set up of mandatory documentation on specific process flow and 4-eye control mechanism of the uploaded documentation  
Integrated Document Compliance Platform applied only on application level and directly on Task & Messaging level, with option for upload and classification of predefined types of documents (pictures, word, excel, txt, pdf.)  
Central Documents Repository with possibility for navigation of documentation uploaded within business objects
Print-out Option
Stand-alone Template Generator for generation of custom print documentation  
Print out and export of reports in editable spreadsheet format
Print out of system generated files on any business object in the system, based on client requirements  
Print out of documentation, repayment plans, cash transactions and posting log  
Limitation Option
Predefined list of validation and verification controls, integrated during project implementation  
Dynamic management of validation’s and verification’s activity within the process flow with flexible activation on field and document level, controlled on any step of the workflow  
Security Control
Log audit system, for tracking complete system actions of all users, with automatic generation of time and date when the action is performed or message is generated
Action Blog, integrated Time to Yes, Time to Cash Management mechanisms for tracking of actions performed and complete overview of time spent on each step in the process  
User Interface Options
User role privilege rights
Fast Search filter with possibility to search through big lists with shortcut search parameters and detailed search by columns
Integration with other systems, Credit Bureaus  
clients say
  • "ASPEKT’s leasing system is a very convenient system with automated validations that limit any possibility for manual errors and now my daily operations are highly simplified as I don’t have to worry about making mistakes in calculations or assigning assets that are not available." - Lease Officer / Specialist
  • “Aspekt Leasing Software shows high performance in optimal infrastructure environment and I’m sure the system will be able to scale up without compromising the operational functions.” - System Administrator
  • "Aspekt Leasing Software offers direct performance preview, allowing me to analyze performance results per employee and manage the sales process so that all my employees are maximally effective and fully dedicated to work responsibilities." - Branch Manager
  • “We needed a system that is able to respond to the evolving regulatory environment, changing risk management procedures and addresses the ongoing operational costs with high control efficiency and we are happy to confirm that Aspekt Leasing Software delivers unlimited operational cost and risk benefits through our daily operations." - Risk Manager
  • "The use of Aspekt Leasing Software has greatly improved the process of servicing our customers. We are able to form sales policies that meet their expectations in continuity and deliver on-time and quality support.” - Operations Director
  • “At the end of the month I can conduct full financial review and generate reports for external reporting, as all the transactions are automatically posted and matched, and if there is a need for transactions correction, it can be automatically executed and the changes are presently visible in reports.” - Accounting Officer
  • “We can easily focus on improving the quality of our customer base and analyze the results received from sales when combining offer conditions that will best match the most profitable customer segment and create win-win situation for both parties.” - Operations Director
  • "From the beginning, Aspekt Leasing Software was successfully aligned with our growth strategy and helped us continually increase sales volumes and surpass predefined targets by offering endless flexibility and incorporation of changes." - CEO
  • “Generating invoices with automated operation eliminates the need for manual interventions and gives us more time to concentrate on analyzing financial results.” - Accounting Officer
  • "I’m able to control all internal processes directly from my office by spending minimal time for communication with colleagues and sharing thoughts on any kind of issues that may arise. " - Internal Audit