Application Processing Module

Enforce real time application analyses with optimized application processing flow
The Application Processing Module handles the lease workflow from initial lease application through the process of application analysis and approval up to a point of agreeing preferable lease conditions based on customer needs. The workflow is flexibly defined based on client business needs, allowing specification of mandatory documentation and data to be gathered per workflow status, with possibility of status changes forward as well as backward, allowing repeatable creditworthiness analyses. Customer’s creditworthiness is automatically calculated with the use of the Dynamic Data Collector (DDC) incorporating automation of diverse calculations, per industry rules and client work operations for most accurate analysis.

The Application Approval workflow supports flexible definition of approval schema including approval levels and parameters, which allow different organizational structures on different hierarchical levels to appropriately analyze applications’ risks and provide real time decisions.

The integration of the Application Processing Module with the Collateral Management Module provides automation of the collaterals’ control processes on application level and enforced accuracy of the risk analyses, with efficient identification, management and allocation of collateral.

With highly flexible and autonomous product policy management, the definition of product parameters can include custom product limitations, lending ranges, product availability based on the type of customer, managed funds and many more, giving the leverage to formulate unique product propositions and alignment with asset management policies. In order to provide option for further adaptation of the repayment plan based on individual customer needs, product conditions can be subject of additional manual modification, on application level, at any point during the application processing flow.

Key Features

  • Automated decision-making processesEnforce front office efficiency with optimal application processing workflow that allows streamlined configuration of the activities performed in any step and automated verification of the completeness of the gathered data.

  • Dynamic Workflow ProceduresSimplify the application approval processes with dynamically defined analysis parameters that can be segmented per customer type, asset and product type, supported by integrated control mechanisms for flexible workflow definition.

  • Compliant Product EnhancementsShorten the costs and time-to-market for product introduction and streamline employee trainings for new product conditions, with Flexible Product Policy and direct user engagement in building competitive product strategy.

  • Streamlined Administrative ProceduresImprove the service toward customers with automated evaluation procedures and flexible adaptation of guarantor and collateral parameters, integrated in the application workflow.

clients say
  • "ASPEKT’s leasing system is a very convenient system with automated validations that limit any possibility for manual errors and now my daily operations are highly simplified as I don’t have to worry about making mistakes in calculations or assigning assets that are not available." - Lease Officer / Specialist
  • “Aspekt Leasing Software shows high performance in optimal infrastructure environment and I’m sure the system will be able to scale up without compromising the operational functions.” - System Administrator
  • "Aspekt Leasing Software offers direct performance preview, allowing me to analyze performance results per employee and manage the sales process so that all my employees are maximally effective and fully dedicated to work responsibilities." - Branch Manager
  • “We needed a system that is able to respond to the evolving regulatory environment, changing risk management procedures and addresses the ongoing operational costs with high control efficiency and we are happy to confirm that Aspekt Leasing Software delivers unlimited operational cost and risk benefits through our daily operations." - Risk Manager
  • "The use of Aspekt Leasing Software has greatly improved the process of servicing our customers. We are able to form sales policies that meet their expectations in continuity and deliver on-time and quality support.” - Operations Director
  • “At the end of the month I can conduct full financial review and generate reports for external reporting, as all the transactions are automatically posted and matched, and if there is a need for transactions correction, it can be automatically executed and the changes are presently visible in reports.” - Accounting Officer
  • “We can easily focus on improving the quality of our customer base and analyze the results received from sales when combining offer conditions that will best match the most profitable customer segment and create win-win situation for both parties.” - Operations Director
  • "From the beginning, Aspekt Leasing Software was successfully aligned with our growth strategy and helped us continually increase sales volumes and surpass predefined targets by offering endless flexibility and incorporation of changes." - CEO
  • “Generating invoices with automated operation eliminates the need for manual interventions and gives us more time to concentrate on analyzing financial results.” - Accounting Officer
  • "I’m able to control all internal processes directly from my office by spending minimal time for communication with colleagues and sharing thoughts on any kind of issues that may arise. " - Internal Audit