Product Innovation

Enforcing best practices in delivering financial software solutions, ASPEKT provided leasing companies with technologically sophisticated methods for dealing with process inefficiencies and regulatory compliance through the Aspekt Leasing Software, a robust and flexible leasing software solution that automates leasing management processes and significantly improves business performances.

The functional foundation of ASPEKT’s leasing solution is delivering functionalities which cover all relevant operational aspects of the leasing industry in a configurable business model. With solution’s adaptability, ASPEKT was able to bring technical improvements through three major version upgrades up until now.

I: ASPEKT launched the first product version soon after the company restructuring in 2007, developing end to end leasing software solution, organized in a modular architecture, using Microsoft Visual Basic Framework 1.1. Aspekt Leasing Software covered asset and contract management processes, integrated with automated back office processing and modules supporting additional corporate activities including administration of fixed assets, administration of invoices within purchase module and management of human resources and payroll.

The solution supported internal interaction processes with Integrated Task & Messaging Platform, a collaboration tool for exchange of tasks, messages and documents, Document Compliance Platform for electronic archiving of documentation and Dynamic Data Collector for advanced and flexible data definition.

The first product version provided clients with integrated asset lifecycle processes and ongoing financial consolidation, reducing the need for manual re-entry of information and improved data accuracy.

II: The second product version improved solution performances and enhanced feature content complying with new industry trends. The need for up-to-date analysis of client’s business performances and fast allocation of critical information is satisfied with Dynamic Report Generator which supports ongoing report definition.

This version streamlined the definition and management of financial indicators with a completely independent tool for creating Score Card parameters that can easily be linked to different asset types, customer types or any other specific system metrics within the Credit Scoring Module.

Guided by client need for complete customer lifecycle management, ASPEKT introduced the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module which seamlessly integrates within the communicational workflow and tracks contact activity from initial insertion, facilitated by task automation procedures and comprehensive and accurate activity view.

For handling asset securitizations specialized Collateral Module is developed scoping complete collateral management processes with collateral allocation and automated risk evaluation.

Another module developed in this product version is the Budgeting Module with possibilities for loading Excel spreadsheet files and tracking predefined budgeting plans in the system thus used for further data processing and generating customized reports.

III: Last product improvement contains highest platform sophistication making the solution support autonomous business growth and is developed in Microsoft Visual Basic Framework 4.0, using 4.0 Janus system components and three-tier architecture that additionally increases solution scalability and flexibility.

This version enables direct integration of the solution with external files including Excel spreadsheets and word files with a predefined file structure which can be loaded and used in the system or with custom generated templates.

The solution has flexible business rules engine integrated within all modules which streamlines the business rules management and allows dynamic adaptation of the workflow validations based on client specific business processes.

clients say
  • "ASPEKT’s leasing system is a very convenient system with automated validations that limit any possibility for manual errors and now my daily operations are highly simplified as I don’t have to worry about making mistakes in calculations or assigning assets that are not available." - Lease Officer / Specialist
  • “Aspekt Leasing Software shows high performance in optimal infrastructure environment and I’m sure the system will be able to scale up without compromising the operational functions.” - System Administrator
  • "Aspekt Leasing Software offers direct performance preview, allowing me to analyze performance results per employee and manage the sales process so that all my employees are maximally effective and fully dedicated to work responsibilities." - Branch Manager
  • “We needed a system that is able to respond to the evolving regulatory environment, changing risk management procedures and addresses the ongoing operational costs with high control efficiency and we are happy to confirm that Aspekt Leasing Software delivers unlimited operational cost and risk benefits through our daily operations." - Risk Manager
  • "The use of Aspekt Leasing Software has greatly improved the process of servicing our customers. We are able to form sales policies that meet their expectations in continuity and deliver on-time and quality support.” - Operations Director
  • “At the end of the month I can conduct full financial review and generate reports for external reporting, as all the transactions are automatically posted and matched, and if there is a need for transactions correction, it can be automatically executed and the changes are presently visible in reports.” - Accounting Officer
  • “We can easily focus on improving the quality of our customer base and analyze the results received from sales when combining offer conditions that will best match the most profitable customer segment and create win-win situation for both parties.” - Operations Director
  • "From the beginning, Aspekt Leasing Software was successfully aligned with our growth strategy and helped us continually increase sales volumes and surpass predefined targets by offering endless flexibility and incorporation of changes." - CEO
  • “Generating invoices with automated operation eliminates the need for manual interventions and gives us more time to concentrate on analyzing financial results.” - Accounting Officer
  • "I’m able to control all internal processes directly from my office by spending minimal time for communication with colleagues and sharing thoughts on any kind of issues that may arise. " - Internal Audit